Kavanagh Collection- Part 2

Following on from our recent blog about men’s scarves, our Kavanagh collection is on the shelves and up on our website in time for Christmas shopping for the man in your life. Check out our men’s scarves at www.lizchristy.com

Liz is asked a lot, usually by women, how do you wear a scarf or what is the best way to put a scarf on. Liz had this to say, “Often when a woman tries on a scarf or wrap, she will ask us ‘how should I wear it?’  and we say ‘throw it on, see how it sits and feel what is comfortable’. We then usually demonstrate by putting one on, and show a couple of options on how to ‘wear’ it.  The thing is, you ‘wear’ the scarf. Embrace it rather than tentatively put the scarf around your neck or shoulders.  Be comfortable with your scarf and enjoy letting it make you feel good.”

Men are a whole other ball game Liz says, “We love to watch a man putting on a scarf. Even if he is unsure of ‘how to wear it’, he will generally ‘clasp it’, put it on, tap it and say ‘how’s that?’ and it looks great! If it feels good on, and it is a colour that likes him, he will look fabulous.”

For tips and tricks on wearing gents scarves, check out this article below on men’s scarves and how to tie them.

How to Wear and Tie a Scarf

Liz’s Kavanagh Collection of men’s scarves are available in store at Swallow Studios. Opening times are Monday to Friday 10am- 6pm. Or visit our website www.lizchristy.com

Kavanagh Connection

Getting Inspired

Inspiration for our range of men’s scarves came from very close to home. Liz took her inspiration from our very own Patrick Kavanagh when designing her range of men’s scarves. She uses staple colours such as earthy browns and greys, as well as lush greens and rich reds in her Kavanagh collection. They reflect Kavanaghs’ works of poetry which reference the stony grey soil of Monaghan. The browns of the ploughed farmland and the greens of the rolling drumlins featured prominently in Kavanaghs’ poetry,  brought to life with his words. Liz’s men’s scarves are hand woven using fine cotton and authentic Donegal tweed.

Chrissie wearing ‘October Morning’ from the Kavanagh Collection

Dapper Dressers

There is nothing nicer than a well dressed man, in my opinion!  A Kavanagh inspired man’s scarf makes a great addition to any man’s winter wardrobe, regardless of age. They are a great accessory to wear with a cozy winter coat, for both smart and casual dressing. Liz Christy’s Kavanagh Collection makes the perfect gift for the man in your life, for Father’s Day, Christmas and birthdays. Indeed they make wonderful corporate gifts also, when the occasion calls for something special. Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation, Heather Humphreys presented one to Liange Liu, President of the Bank of China. To see Liz’s Kavanagh collection of scarves visit our website www.lizchristy.com

Minister Heather Humphreys presenting a Kavanagh Scarf to Liange Liu, President of the Bank of China


Liz says this of her Kavanagh Collection, “Patrick Kavanagh is the inspiration for my collection of men’s scarves. I don’t claim to be an expert on Kavanagh’s poetry and I often thought that he didn’t do Monaghan any favours with his ‘Stony Grey Soil’ that burgled his banks of youth. He was a cranky genius and funny enough that is what tickles me about him.”

Patrick Kavanagh

Patrick Kavanagh Festival

Liz recently attended the Patrick Kavanagh festival which takes place every year in his native Inniskeen in County Monaghan. Liz had the pleasure of presenting two of her Kavanagh scarves to the guest speakers. They were Anne Harris, former editor of the Sunday Independent newspaper and Oliver Callan, funnyman and also the president of the Patrick Kavanagh Society. Afterwards Liz had the opportunity to have a nice chat with Oliver who absolutely loved his Kavanagh scarf.

Liz with Oliver Callan at the Patrick Kavanagh festival in Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan


See The Kavanagh Collection of mens’ scarves on our website,

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