Kavanagh Collection- Part 2

Following on from our recent blog about men’s scarves, our Kavanagh collection is on the shelves and up on our website in time for Christmas shopping for the man in your life. Check out our men’s scarves at www.lizchristy.com

Liz is asked a lot, usually by women, how do you wear a scarf or what is the best way to put a scarf on. Liz had this to say, “Often when a woman tries on a scarf or wrap, she will ask us ‘how should I wear it?’  and we say ‘throw it on, see how it sits and feel what is comfortable’. We then usually demonstrate by putting one on, and show a couple of options on how to ‘wear’ it.  The thing is, you ‘wear’ the scarf. Embrace it rather than tentatively put the scarf around your neck or shoulders.  Be comfortable with your scarf and enjoy letting it make you feel good.”

Men are a whole other ball game Liz says, “We love to watch a man putting on a scarf. Even if he is unsure of ‘how to wear it’, he will generally ‘clasp it’, put it on, tap it and say ‘how’s that?’ and it looks great! If it feels good on, and it is a colour that likes him, he will look fabulous.”

For tips and tricks on wearing gents scarves, check out this article below on men’s scarves and how to tie them.

How to Wear and Tie a Scarf

Liz’s Kavanagh Collection of men’s scarves are available in store at Swallow Studios. Opening times are Monday to Friday 10am- 6pm. Or visit our website www.lizchristy.com

Kavanagh Connection

Getting Inspired

Inspiration for our range of men’s scarves came from very close to home. Liz took her inspiration from our very own Patrick Kavanagh when designing her range of men’s scarves. She uses staple colours such as earthy browns and greys, as well as lush greens and rich reds in her Kavanagh collection. They reflect Kavanaghs’ works of poetry which reference the stony grey soil of Monaghan. The browns of the ploughed farmland and the greens of the rolling drumlins featured prominently in Kavanaghs’ poetry,  brought to life with his words. Liz’s men’s scarves are hand woven using fine cotton and authentic Donegal tweed.

Chrissie wearing ‘October Morning’ from the Kavanagh Collection

Dapper Dressers

There is nothing nicer than a well dressed man, in my opinion!  A Kavanagh inspired man’s scarf makes a great addition to any man’s winter wardrobe, regardless of age. They are a great accessory to wear with a cozy winter coat, for both smart and casual dressing. Liz Christy’s Kavanagh Collection makes the perfect gift for the man in your life, for Father’s Day, Christmas and birthdays. Indeed they make wonderful corporate gifts also, when the occasion calls for something special. Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation, Heather Humphreys presented one to Liange Liu, President of the Bank of China. To see Liz’s Kavanagh collection of scarves visit our website www.lizchristy.com

Minister Heather Humphreys presenting a Kavanagh Scarf to Liange Liu, President of the Bank of China


Liz says this of her Kavanagh Collection, “Patrick Kavanagh is the inspiration for my collection of men’s scarves. I don’t claim to be an expert on Kavanagh’s poetry and I often thought that he didn’t do Monaghan any favours with his ‘Stony Grey Soil’ that burgled his banks of youth. He was a cranky genius and funny enough that is what tickles me about him.”

Patrick Kavanagh

Patrick Kavanagh Festival

Liz recently attended the Patrick Kavanagh festival which takes place every year in his native Inniskeen in County Monaghan. Liz had the pleasure of presenting two of her Kavanagh scarves to the guest speakers. They were Anne Harris, former editor of the Sunday Independent newspaper and Oliver Callan, funnyman and also the president of the Patrick Kavanagh Society. Afterwards Liz had the opportunity to have a nice chat with Oliver who absolutely loved his Kavanagh scarf.

Liz with Oliver Callan at the Patrick Kavanagh festival in Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan


See The Kavanagh Collection of mens’ scarves on our website,

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While Liz was away…

The Autumn Home & Gift Fair took place in the City West Hotel mid- August. Liz was off gallivanting around Europe for 5 weeks so the job fell to Veronica and me to attend the show and represent Liz Christy, Hand-Woven in Ireland & LizzyC Sheep Gifts. Veronica was excited about heading off for a few days to the big smoke. I was rather nervous as I had never done the show before and was not sure what to expect.

Liz and Pat gallivanting in       Slovenia

The Journey

Liz had gone through the ‘spiel’ with me a few times and had left me plenty of notes. In hindsight, I need not have worried as Veronica is a dab hand at the trade shows. She is a natural and as the man would say, ‘she could sell sand to the Arabs’. The two of us packed up Liz’s van on the Friday evening and set off on Saturday morning. Myself and Veronica negotiated our way well around the M50, having Google maps and a good co- pilot always helps.

We landed to the City West hotel and checked out the Convention Centre. Our stand was located at Y64, and got set up in about 2 hours. Happy with our stand, we headed to the hotel and got checked in. Once we got settled in the room we headed down to the bar for a well deserved pint. There was a good buzz around the hotel as Limerick and Galway were playing in the All Ireland Hurling Final the following day.

Liz Christy Hand-Woven Scarves on display at the Autumn Home and Gift Fair 2018

The Trade Show

Sunday was slow to start I have to admit, we talked to a few current customers and it was nice to put a face to the names of people we have been dealing with for years. As soon as 3pm hit, the crowd really emptied out as the hurling match was on. We finished up at 6pm and got word that Limerick had won the All Ireland hurling final and the team were coming back to the City West for their winner’s gala dinner. Fierce excitement in the hotel and we joined the craic in the bar and had a lovely dinner in the restaurant in the hotel.

Congrats to the Limerick hurlers and here is a nod from LizzyC sheep crafted by hand in the Limerick colours
19 August 2018; Declan Hannon of Limerick lifts the Liam McCarthy Cup following the GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship Final match between Galway and Limerick at Croke Park in Dublin. Photo by Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Monday was definitely a busier day for us. We wrote a big order for scarves from an existing customer based in Belfast. The lady had spotted our new Lunalae scarves and had fallen in love! Veronica and I left in good form that evening and delighted about the huge order of scarves that had been placed.

In full flight

Liz Christy signature Yeats scarf on display at stand Y64

Tuesday was a good day for us too. We wrote a nice sheep order with a new customer based in Temple Bar in Dublin. A really interesting shop in the heart of the tourist area in Dublin and we are very excited about that. We had a good chat with a lady from a prominent university who was interested in the LizzyC Sheep as a corporate gift. This is an area that we are keen to grow in the business.

Our LizzyC sheep and Christy Crios belts on display

Wednesday we were finishing up at 3pm so there were less people around. Veronica and I waved goodbye to the City West Hotel. Both wrecked tired but contented that the fair had gone well for both the Liz Christy and the LizzyC brands. Soon we found ourselves back on the M1 heading north and homeward bound. We were looking forward to a day off and then, to getting stuck into order planning and show follow up…… And I think that Liz was delighted with how we got on!

Emma ready for sales at stand Y64 at the City West fair

To see our range of fabulous hand woven scarves and LizzyC sheep, call into Swallow Studios Annayalla or visit our website www.lizchristy.com 

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Our trip to Sligo

We were killing two birds with one stone on our trip to Sligo- Liz had been asked to demonstrate her weaving in a shop she supplies with scarves and sheep products to called The Cat and the Moon & she was asked to participate at the Lilly Lolly Yeats Festival 2018, Conversation with Designers in The Factory Performance Space hosted by Eddie Shanahan of the Council of Fashion Designers. Liz was joined on stage by artists Blaithin Ennis, John O’ Riain, Tish Carroll and Ann Hamilton.

Luxury Wrapture Scarf inspired by Jack B. Yeat’s painting, ‘Portacloy at Rathlin O’ Beirne’

So we packed up the van with the small table loom, a few bobbins of yarn, Liz’s business cards and a few Yeats inspired scarves and hit the road to Sligo. Google maps is an interesting phenomenon- it may have brought us the ‘quickest’ way to Sligo but I’m not sure you can say that when it brings you through small villages you’ve never heard of and up by roads only fit for one car at a time.

Getting ready for the road to Sligo

The wee cafe we stopped at in Manorhamilton for a spot of lunch is worth mentioning, not just for the very tasty ham ciabatta but for the gentleman serving behind the counter looking surprisingly like a local Blayney man- personality and all!

Anyway, we made it to Sligo with plenty of time to spare. Liz got the loom set up and was demonstrating between 3pm and 4pm. We were made very welcome by Martina Hamilton the lovely lady who owns the Cat and the Moon and is also an accomplished jewellery designer. We had plenty of interest from customers to the shop who were eager to see how the scarves were made and kept Liz on her toes with plenty of questions. The Cat and the Moon is a beautiful shop, full of colour and really interesting products and also upstairs is the Hamilton Gallery which showcases local artists’ work.

Liz demonstrating her weaving in The Cat and the Moon shop in Sligo

I managed to get some great photos of Liz at her craft and engaging with visitors to the shop. I almost forgot to mention the shop window. The Cat and the Moon have a great window display which features some of the LizzyC sheep and a few of Liz’s scarves. I got some brilliant shots of the window display which showcases our scarves wonderfully. Afterwards we were treated to lovely tea and coffee by Martina. With our energy replenished we headed off to the Factory Performance Space which was just a short walk through the town.

We arrived to the Factory, a wonderful creative space which seems to be, as the name would suggest, a redecorated old factory used, very effectively, as a creative space. I later found out it was actually an abattoir in its previous life. As we walked through the foyer we were treated to Ann Hamilton’s gorgeous exhibition of ‘Heirloom’ dresses she had designed and made herself. Beautiful old styles of dresses and even one with a nod towards W.B Yeats himself.

The Factory Performance Space in Sligo

The theatre part of The Factory is an intimate venue which made it perfect for the Conversations with Designers event. I was introduced to Eddie Shanahan who would be leading proceedings; a man I knew would have no trouble keeping the conversation flowing! I filmed bits and pieces of the conversation- forgive me for being biased but I mostly filmed Liz speaking with Eddie. They spoke about the first thing they ever made and Liz spoke enthusiastically about colour which is something that Liz is very passionate about.

Liz spoke about her scarves inspired by Ireland’s favourite painting ‘The Meeting on the Turret Stairs’ which is a collection of scarves she designed for the National Gallery in Dublin. She mentions this collection later on but I will come back to that.

Eddie then talked about how each of them had become interested in art and design and how they ‘got into it’ as such. They each spoke about their college experience in art and design and about the business end of things, mostly they learned on their toes when it came to the business end of things and there was never much emphasis put on the business side of art and design.

Eddie then asked them each about what they do exactly and asked them to convince him to buy their product. At the end of the day as Eddie says they need to make money and make a living. He said to them they need to understand their ways and how they impact on others.

When asked what does your products do for people and why should they buy it, Liz said ‘It helps you feel good and makes you smile’. This pretty much sums up Liz’s products.

Liz spoke fondly about Cleo’s in Dublin who was her very first customer, who gave her the self confidence to sell her product and at a price to sustain her living. For Liz, her design and craft skills have always been a means by which she would make her living and as a result she embraced the world of business.

Chairs are out and all set to go for the Conversations with Designers

Back to the painting ‘The Meeting on the Turret Stairs’, Eddie finished up the conversation with the artists by asking them did they have any funny stories to finish on. Liz told the story about a batch of scarves she was making for the National Gallery of Ireland, beautiful scarves inspired by ‘The Meeting on the Turret Stairs’. The scarves had been woven on the loom, cut off, the fringes knotted and they just needed to be washed and dried before being packed up and sent off. So Liz hand washed them… and put them into the washing machine to spin them… unfortunately she put them on a 15 minute wash cycle instead of a 13 minute spin cycle and bam! A matted shrunken tangle of scarves!! So it was back to the dye pots, the warping mill and the loom with those particular scarves and the whole process had to begin again. There was a big round of applause from the audience, who had been very attentive throughout, and that brought us to the end of Conversations with Designers.

We chatted for awhile in the foyer but people were soon making a move towards the pub. We had a good two hour drive ahead of us and remained apprehensive as to where Google maps would bring us to so we headed back in the direction of the van. We stopped off at a gorgeous Indian restaurant and had dinner. Then we made tracks for the stony grey soil of Monaghan. We made it back in one piece to Annayalla and two exhausted heads ready to hit the hay. We had a really interesting trip to Sligo; it was great to get chatting to other artists and people in the business. It was also great to see so many people at an event celebrating the Yeats sisters, Lily & Lolly in their home town of Sligo. Lily and Lilly were great pioneers for local artists in the Sligo area and done a lot of work promoting women’s rights and art and heritage. I also found it great to chat to one of the shop owners we supply and to see our product stocked in their shop is fabulous.

A quick shout out to the wee fox who nearly gave us a heart attack on the way home, somewhere in County Fermanagh, hope you are still knocking around foxy.

Visit our website to check out our range of scarves available for men and women www.lizchristy.com


Liz Christy wins 6 months of exposure with Matthews Arts Showcase Initiative

Liz & Paddy Matthews beside the ‘moving billboard’

Some time back I entered a competition to win the opportunity to have a ‘moving billboard’ on one of Matthews Coaches for 6 months. This was part of their newly launched Arts Showcase Initiative. Well I can say I was just thrilled when I received a phonecall from Karen at Matthews saying that I was the latest winner of this brilliant prize. It took me a while to get my head around what this meant…. Liz Christy. Hand-Woven in Ireland and LizzyC Sheep would be featured on a bus which travelled up and down the M1 and into the centre of Dublin four times a day!

We set to work on the art work for the design. And while I knew exactly what it would look like, it was truly amazing to see it ‘in the flesh’ when my husband and I went to the launch recently. To see a 71 seater bus, parked outside The Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk with my images and branding on the back was unreal and very exciting.

A big big thank you to Matthews Coaches from Inniskeen in Co. Monaghan for this wonderful prize.

Irish Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Liz_Christy_Monet_Scarf_lge_JapaneseBridge_PurpleDesirePeople always wonder what to give as Christmas gifts so we have put together a few Irish gift ideas as unique gifts. As we head into the cold of the winter with snow forecasted, uplifting gifts for wives, sisters, mothers, daughters and aunts are soft, Liz Christy colourful and cosy scarves which are designed and hand woven for that extra special someone. And of course not forgetting the men in your life…..an Irish Hand-woven scarf from the Kavanagh range is a perfect accessory to compliment the stylish man. Give gifts of meaning and quality this Christmas.

??????????Liz monet scarves 72dpi styled






20141122_142540We have a range of perfect little stocking fillers from LizzyC including sheep brooches, key rings, fridge magnets, and Christmas ornaments These Christmas gifts are light and easy to post to family and friends overseas.

Or why not visit us at Swallow Studios where we have a range of other Irish handcrafted gifts including Batik art by Louise Loughman and beautiful silk scarves…knitted hats by HataiPheig, ceramics, candles, jewellery and more.

We will be open in Swallow Studios up to Christmas Eve until 3pm. If you place an order on our website www.lizchristy.com the order will be processed immediately to Ireland, United Kingdom and USA.

Giftboxed with Free Shipping.

See our short video below for an overview of the gifting possibilities this Christmas.




Minister Heather Humphreys chats with Liz Christy about Craft, Heritage and Tourism

Liz presenting Minister Humphries with a handwoven 'Renaissance' wrap, inspired by County Monaghan's lace-making traditions
Liz presenting Minister Humphreys with a handwoven ‘Renaissance’ wrap, inspired by County Monaghan’s lace-making traditions

I was delighted to welcome Minister Humphreys to Swallow Studios where she saw first hand a living craft. The Minister saw how inspiration is gleaned from a painting and interpreted into a scarf, wrap or snood. I have been working as an artist, textile designer and hand-weaver for over twenty years and I feel as passionate about my work as ever. My goal…..to make a living from my creativity and retain the heritage of an age old craft from the past by generating export sales and creating sustainable jobs for the future.

The light filled studio was full of colour, from the beautiful vibrant wool to the multi-coloured handwoven scarves and wraps. My team were present and each met the Minister whose friendly manner put everyone at ease. Minister Humpheys’ genuine interest in my work was very apparent and added to the jovial mood of her visit which was a great boost to morale. The Minister was completely captivated by the intricacies of the processes and the wonderful array of colour. ‘Liz Christy’ branding features purple which has the shortest light wave; it evokes spiritual thinking and mediation and is the colour of royalty, luxury, authenticity, truth and fine qualities. Purple will usually feature in my work and if not in the body of the work itself, it is always there in the final touch of the label and gift packaging.
The Minister also loved the sheep brooches and key-rings from the LizzyC Gift Collection which she immediately recognised from seeing them in shops at Dublin Airport. These sheep are well travelled…. and are regularly spotted at locations all over Ireland, from the Giants Causeway to Sheep’s Head in West Cork not to mention their global travels.

Minister Humphreys was very supportive of the fact that we are keeping alive the culture of making a living from craft, retaining a heritage and age old skill of hand-weaving as well as producing wearable works of art inspired by art. I remain true to the Heritage of hand-weaving and work on a wooden looms powered only by human strength, to make scarves, wraps and snoods. The Minister explained that there are plans afoot to develop a heritage trail throughout the region and that Swallow Studios was exactly the type of living, vibrant, heritage venture that they wanted on the trail, a place where people could come and see at first hand an age old craft yielding quality products.

As a person who always wears scarves herself, Minister Humphreys, believes that colourful scarves can lift any outfit. So it was very appropriate to present her with a beautiful pink and grey scarf from the ‘Renaissance’ Collection. Woven from merino wool and silk, the scarf was inspired by the tradition of lace-making in Co. Monaghan both in Clones and in Carrickmacross.
Minster Humphreys said that it was great to see a product that reflected the heritage and culture of the local area and that this is what people abroad were really interested in.
“ When you see Fifth Avenue in New York closed off for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, on an ordinary shopping day, you begin to understand how Americans really appreciate and respect the culture of Ireland”, said Minister Humphreys.

The Minister also met Batik Artist, Louise Loughman, who also works in Swallow Studios. This ancient art form of batik uses hot wax to create images on fabric. Louise studied Art and Textile design in Galway with me, where she specialised in surface and printed textile design. She now has her own artisan business creating original wall hangings and pictures in silk using the technique of batik and silk painting. Minister Humphreys was stunned by the beauty of Louise’s work and how it can bring to life the great mythologies of our heritage. And she was also very impressed by her long list of public art commissions and presentations.
The Minister  stayed for tea and more lively conversation which everyone enjoyed. On departing Swallow Studios, Minister Humphreys stated that our work would make ideal gifts for her visits abroad, as ultimately they reflect the heritage, art and culture of Ireland.” I  thanked the Minister for taking the time out from her busy schedule to visit Swallow Studios and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Liz explains the intricicies of threading the loom to Minister Humphries
Liz explains the intricisies of threading          the loom to Minister Humphreys


Liz Christy Launches ‘Renaissance Collection’ & ‘Inspired By…..’ At Showcase 2015 Tradeshow

New Liz Christy product-ranges launch at  Showcase 2015 ~
‘Renaissance Collection’ & ‘Inspired By…..’

Liz continues to pay homage to her home county’s heritage with her luxury ‘Renaissance Collection’. Beautifully handwoven with silk and merino-wool, these new designs look to the lace-making traditions of County Monaghan for inspiration. ‘Carrickmacross Lace’ from the south and ‘Clones Lace’ from the north of the county, fuse with Liz’s long time interest in traditional lace weave drafts. The result is a rebirth for this wonderful story of local craft heritage as Liz brings these contemporary designs to the modern marketplace. The Renaissance Collection combines masculine strength with a feminine lightness of touch – warm, stylish and versatile.

Chrissie & Carmel wearing Renaissance Wraps

The ‘Inspired By…..’’ is the second of Liz’s new product ranges to launch in January 2015. Liz’s love of art and colour is evident as she dyes and weaves her magic. She is well known for her Monet inspired scarves, always a welcome and precious gift.
This new range stems from Liz’s on-going love of the paintings of Claude Monet who was greatly influenced by the English painter Joseph Turner. Both of the artists loved light and colour. Born in 1775, Turner was an English Romantic landscape painter, water-colourist and printmaker. His work is regarded as the Romantic fore-runner to Impressionism. He was called the Painter of Light. Turner died in 1851 when Monet was just eleven years old but the influence of Tuner can be clearly seen in much of Monet’s work.
They both have similar play on light and fog. Currently the subject of a Mike Leigh film, Mr Turner, Joseph Turner was way ahead of his time. His impressionistic use of colour was often frowned on in his day but his brilliance finally won through. Liz Christy’s interpretation of Monet and Turner plays on their colours and hues. The end result is yet more beautiful works of wearable textile art in this new ‘Inspired By….’ Collection.

‘Inspired By….Turner’