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  • LizzyC Sheep Brooches

    Quirky Hand-Crafted Irish Sheep Brooches

  • LizzyC Sheep Key Rings

    Quirky Hand-Crafted Irish Sheep

  • LizzyC Sheep Magnets

    The perfect splash of colour to add to your fridge.

  • LizzyC Sheep Christmas...

    ....and shepherds watched their flocks by night....

    LizzyC Sheep Christmas Decorations...very cute and seasonal

  • LizzyC Sheep ~The...

    The long awaited Blue & White of County Monaghan has joined the LizzyC Sheep Collection.

    Handcrafted by Liz & her team in Annayalla, the range is available in Brooches, Key-Rings and Hanging Decorations.

  • Ramblin' Sheep

    The latest addition to the LizzyC flock is the Ramblin' Sheep.

    A free standing handcrafted sheep ornament in the usual variety of colours. Listings coming soon.

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Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items
Showing 13 - 15 of 15 items