LizzyC Sheep Gifts

Hand-Crafted Irish Sheep Gifts

by Liz Christy

LizzyC Sheep Gifts are crafted by hand in Ireland.  The range includes the cutest sheep brooches, keyrings, magnets and hanging ornaments. In 2008 Liz started making this line of woolly sheep gifts using her own custom dyed wool. Liz  hand-dyes all their wonderful colours  in Swallow Studios. This means that every little sheep truly is unique among the flock. Each  character has it’s own personality.

A true Irish cottage industry grew up around the crafting of LizzyC Sheep. As demand from her customers grew, Liz trained a team to hand-weave the individual sheep, using Liz’s wool, in their own homes. All the sheep come back to Swallow Studios to be checked and get their eyes.  They are all then rounded up ready for shipping.


New Additions to the LizzyC Flock

In the beginning Liz started making brooches or pins, depending on where in the world you live. She soon added key-rings or keychains as the demand from the craft shops grew.  Always innovating and responding to her customers, she then introduced a big brooch followed by fridge magnets, always in the same great unique colours.


The Festive Flock Arrives

Soon these were followed by the launch of Christmas decorations in Red, Green and White hanging on red ribbon. The hanging decorations come in two sizes and have now been joined by the multicoloured flock on silver ribbon.


The Ramblin’ Sheep Appear

The latest addition to the LizzyC Gift Collection is The Ramlin’ Sheep, affectionately known at ‘The Ramblers’. As the name suggests, these characters love to see the world and have their photo taken in all sorts of places. They feature regularly on their very own Facebook page where they may be spotted lounging on a lotus leaf or sightseeing at Sydney Harbour Bridge, or biking in the Brecon Beacons.  We love to share pictures of their rambles and of course they have their very own LizzyC Sheep Facebook page.  Maybe one day they will write a book. Watch this space!

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