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The colourful gem that is Swallow Studios, is a popular attraction for visitors to the Drumlin County of Monaghan. A must-visit for people who love colour and all things fabric and woolly. In the traditions of Ireland’s Ancient East,  a friendly welcome awaits to welcome tourists. What makes the studios an interesting place to visit?  The visitor will see how Liz’s beautiful scarves are created.  They will see the crafts of hand-dyeing and hand-weaving. The clacking of the flying shuttles or the quiet concentration of threading, fill the space. They will get to chat with the artisan team as they work.



Liz and her team are delighted to welcome visitors no matter what they are working on.  They will see how it all comes together; from the hand-dyeing pots to the glorious ribbons of colour being handwoven at the manual looms.  Visitors leave Swallow Studios with a new appreciation of the time and skills involved in creating wearable art. Also, they will agree that there is indeed ‘More to Monaghan’ around the next drumlin hill.

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Shop at Swallow Studios
The looms at Swallow Studios

The Story of a Family Business Begins…….


Liz and her husband Pat bought their cottage in the spring of 1991. By May swallows had taken up residence in the out houses, and it was clear that this had been their nesting home for a long time.  Hence Swallow Cottage got it’s name.  And when Liz set up her loom and started her hand-weaving business, it was in a bedroom in Swallow Cottage.


….And the business thrived


So they made the decision to build a workshop beside their cottage to house the growing family of looms. When they moved the looms in April of 2004 the swallows were swooping around the yard, getting ready to nest. It followed that the workshop inherited the name and became Swallow Studios.


The Studios Shop


You find special hand-crafted gifts in the shop at the studios, made by Liz or one of her artisan friends; gifts of meaning and quality, locally crafted by dedicated craftspeople.


You also find the popular LizzyC Sheep Gift Collection at their homeplace in Annayalla. Brooches, key chains, fridge magnets, Christmas ornaments and now new to the flock are the ‘The Ramblin’ Sheep’ are all available to buy in the studios shop.  And now you may also customise a framed  ‘Romance Sheep’ in the county colours of the newly engaged or soon to be married couple.


Opening hours are 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. If you are coming a distance to meet Liz, please do phone first as from time to time she may be gallivanting to gather inspiration. For weekend opening call Liz on 0876821563 and if available, she will be delighted to open up and demonstrate on the loom for you.




Liz Christy, Hand-Woven in Ireland.
Swallow Studios,
Co. Monaghan,
A75 Y318

Phone number: +353 (0)429746614
Email Address: info@lizchristy.com