Testimonials from our Customers

Love Love Love my #LizzyCRamblinSheep brooches on my LizChristy shawls, hats and wraps, oh my!

They remind me of the first visit to our homeland where my sisters and I were driving on country roads being led by sheep through lush green hills!!


Hi Liz, here I am with a marvellous scarf of your loom production. Here is the story behind. Maybe you like it for marketing. I always like stories as life tells us every day those stories. And we shall not hide true stories: End of February my wife and me, we flew from Germany to Dublin on the occasion of the 101 birthday of Elyne Holly of Greystones. She is the grandmother of my wife’s first child Jakob. Despite she separated from his father, our families kept in touch beyond all borders and of cause obstacles. Today I feel proud to belong myself due to “our” son Jakob to an Irish family. We made up our mind to go first to Dublin city for shopping. I have to say that we do not belong to these peoples who normally go in for shopping. Shortly after our landing in Dublin we were strolling through the centre of Dublin, not really knowing, what shopping could mean to us. Unexpectedly we bumped into a shopping mall, went here and there, went up and down. Suddenly we entered a garment shop with our beautiful scarves. Immediately I saw this beautiful blue scarf, tried other ones, do did my wife. The two ladies in the shop, I recognized immediately, radiated the most positive radiation toward me and this colourful wonder. BUT I had never bought before a scarf for such a price!!! Finally a helpful thought came into my brain. Maybe some man would spend seventy thousand Euros for a car just to impress others. What little money would cost that scarf in comparison – with the same power to radiate impression of your wonderful craftsmanship. And the scarf impresses me as well as others. Thank you a lot.

Uli  3-star-rating


I recently purchased this scarf from Liz but requested a wider and longer version. It’s an awesome scarf and I absolutely love it. This is my third purchase from Liz and I must say she never ceases to amaze me with her talents. I have been wearing her scarves now for ten years or more and I plan on wearing them for many more years. My first scarf still looks as good today as it did the day I purchased it from Liz at Dollywood in Tennessee. Thank you Liz for sharing your beautiful creations with me. I do love them. And, oh yes I’ve already ordered this same scarf except in the “Inniskeen Station Version/Black”. If you want to make a fashion statement I can’t think of a better way to do it and a better way to show everyone that you definitely have the ‘FT’ (fashion touch).

TMJ in the USA  3-star-rating

Once again Liz you have supplied with another show stopper. I thought I loved the first scarf I bought from you. But oh, this one is bigger, brighter and even better than my first. I absolutely love this as I’m sure I’ll love the one that’s on its way to me right now. If you want, need, or heck just feel you deserve a new scarf and you really want to treat yourself….Then buy one of Liz’s creations and trust you’ll never want anything else. One last thing as a footnote….My friends are fighting over who I’m going to leave my scarves too after I pass over to that big place in the hereafter. Liz is just the absolute best there is, not to mention the most talented, creative, & skilled designer I know. I promise you’ll thank me once you buy one.

TMJ  3-star-rating

I bought your little sheep for my friends in Market Square in Pittsburgh, PA,USA and they all loved them. My family is from Northern Ireland, Hilltown, County Down. I love all things Irish!!!

JCK  3-star-rating

Superior quality handwoven scarves, beautiful rich colours, a real treat and of course, made in Ireland, highly recommended!

L Nolan  3-star-rating

Beautiful vibrant colour combinations. Top class workmanship. Excellent customer service. Well worth a visit.

P Casey  3-star-rating

I highly recommend a visit to Liz’s shop in Annayalla. Such a range of exquisite products, might just be the nicest shop in the country.

S Mooney5-star-rating   

Very talented lady, dedicated to a beautiful art. Every piece of her work is exquisite. Highly recommended for that special gift for a loved one or yourself.

S O’Reilly  5-star-rating

There is artistic quality in every piece she creates.

A Gleine  5-star-rating

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