Customised Framed LizzyC Sheep Art Gifts


Customised Framed

LizzyC Sheep Art Gifts

LizzyC Sheep are now available as customised ‘Framed LizzyC Sheep Art Gifts’.  We have three styles of framed art available.  They are LizzyC Sheep County Colours Romance, LizzyC Sheep Traditional Stone Wall and LizzyC Sheep Contemporary Style.

‘County Colours Romance’

Our Club and County Colours sheep have proven very popular as framed gifts.  In Ireland there is always a bit of banter between couples from opposing ‘Clubs’ or ‘Counties’ when they decide to make a life together. We have decided to offer a service to customise your framed county sheep with names and colours of your choice. Perfect for engagement, wedding or housewarming gifts.

‘Traditional Stone Wall’

Liz sat down with her brush and watercolour paints one Sunday afternoon to relax.  She painted a little landscape picture with a traditional stone wall for no particular reason.  She decided to use it as a backdrop for her Woolly Jumper greeting cards where she places a little colourful sheep brooch as if jumping over the stone wall.

Her original stone wall painting is now used as the background for this customizable  frame design. The frame may be black or white and you can specify the colour of your sheep too. It may be mixed random colours, a county colour of your choice or even the colours of the Irish tricolour flag.

‘Contemporary Style’

For those who like clean lines and simplicity, we have a modern offering in our framed sheep art. The frame is either white or black with the sheep mounted on a white background.  Again you may choose mixed random colours, a county colour of your choice or even the colours of the Irish tricolour flag.  This frame is available in two sizes, including either a small or a large sheep.

Our customised ‘Framed LizzyC Sheep Art Gifts’ are all crafted by hand to your specification. They are especially bespoke, made for you and are not carried in stock, but we will do our very best to make them  in a timely fashion and ship to you promptly.

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