Liz Christy Scarves are unique, designed for women and for men. Liz believes in making functional wraps that are warm and luxurious. Soft to touch and easily draped, these are timeless, style making accessories.

Her palette of color echoes her surroundings; fresh hues of springtime daffodils and bluebells, vibrant highlights of the Irish summer landscape followed by rich shades of autumn and reflections in water-filled winter scenes.  She infuses her handwoven textiles with the colours and hues of the changing Irish seasons. Liz’s designs are also inspired by Art, from paintings to poetry.

Why do we Hand-Weave our Scarves?

We take a great deal of pride in where we are from, our heritage, our creativity and skill as weavers, and therefore, we put love into  each scarf we weave.

Our delightfully creative designs are brought to life through hand-crafting techniques. These techniques strive to be environmentally friendly manufacturing. Our policy is to continuously reduce our carbon footprint and strongly promote the ethos of hand crafted and, slow sustainable fashion.

We are highly skilled hand-weavers, manually weaving every piece in full. We don’t use electrically powered looms in our processes. Most importantly, our genuinely hand-woven, colourful scarves for men and women are designed to instill feelings of warmth and joy.

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