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Kate Beagan Inspired Scarves

Classic, cotton and handwoven, Kate Beagan Inspired Scarves by Liz Christy. These scarves are a new addition to Liz’s design portfolio.

Kate Beagan painted ‘Morning Light on a Monaghan Landscape’ with Liz in mind. Liz then lived with the painting for a while. A new collection emerged, designed as part of her ‘Inspired By’ range of scarves.

Kate’s skill in painting light resonated deeply with Liz.  Much of Kate’s work captures light on their much loved Monaghan landscape. Liz famously loves Monet’s paintings, whose genius was painting light. Monet was inspired by how Turner painted light. To work with Kate, a living artist with a shared passion for Monaghan was a special endeavour for Liz.

These are very distinctive scarves are the product of two living artists from the drumlin county whose inspiration is close to their hearts.