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One Of A Kind

Liz Christy’s handwoven scarves and wraps are unique by their nature as they are hand-woven, often with hand-dyed yarns. Her ‘One Of A Kind’ wraps are even more so. Each is created as an individual hand-woven designer scarf.

As a textile designer, Liz really enjoys the spontaneous nature of hand-weaving. Sometimes yarns that have been sitting on a shelf for a while will wink out and say pick me. What a great joy it is to bring them to life. Such a piece will simply never be duplicated. Whoever is lucky to choose it, will be wearing a truly unique scarf, a piece of time captured in woven threads.

Long Skinny Scarves and Oversize Scarves

A feature of the One Of A Kind designer scarves is that they may be somewhat longer than usual, wider than usual or chunkier than usual.  Irregular is the word to describe them. They may be woven with random dyed hanks of yarn where the recipe wasn’t written down but the result was something very special.  They may be pure experimentation so you will indeed be wearing art.  Stunning gifts for those with eclectic taste.

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