LizzyC Sheep Framed County Romance


LizzyC Sheep Framed County Romance


LizzyC Sheep Framed County Romance in the County Colours of Monaghan and Armagh.  Meet Gerry from Monaghan and Jenny from Armagh. Married in 1979, football has always been an important part of their life. This framed LizzyC County Colour Sheep was a great anniversary gift for a great couple and the start of our LizzyC County Romance Sheep.




Our LizzyC County Romance  Sheep  make popular art frames for those special romantic occasion gifts.  In Ireland there is always a bit of banter between couples from opposing ‘Clubs’ or ‘Counties’ when they decide to make a life together. We can now  personalize your frame so that both sheep are wearing their county colours. We include corresponding names, and a date if you wish. Please fill this information into box provided, ensuring that you have the names spelled correctly.


These frames make perfect gifts for engagements, weddings or housewarming gifts.  Framed county flag sheep are a fun celebration of club and county rivalries that are a a big part of our Irish heritage.  Every year , in preparation for upcoming Championship finals, the fields of Ireland are awash with colourful sheep.


Choose your county colours and order your personalized County Romance Sheep by LizzyC Sheep Gifts