OOAK – Luxury – Handwoven-Wrap – Teal-Red


OOAK – Luxury – Handwoven-Wrap – Teal-Red


Inspired by Gauguin’s painting, ‘Life’s Questions’


A real beauty, soft, cozy and colourful. A ‘One Of A Kind’ design. Handwoven in Ireland using fine merino wool. A truly exquisite scarf and a gorgeous authentic Irish gift. Woven with beautiful ‘Donegal Soft’ merino wool, with the famous ‘Donegal fleck’ as a feature. Perfect if you live in the ‘Autumn’ quadrant of the colour wheel, with teal and red as the feature colours.

One Only.

Wearable Art ~ Inspired by Art.  Designed and Made in Ireland

230cm + fringe x 50 cm

Gift boxed with Free Shipping

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