OOAK Luxury Alpaca Wrap


One of a Kind – OOAK Luxury Alpaca Wrap

by Liz Christy. Hand-Woven in Ireland



This is a special ‘one of a kind’ – OOAK – handwoven luxury wrap. Designed, hand-dyed and woven by Liz Christy using local ‘Glaslough Alpacas’ yarn.  For this distinctive design, Liz immersed herself in the painting that gave its name to ‘Impressionism’, Claude Monet’s Impression Sunrise


This was always going to be a one-off wrap, designed and made with hand-dyed alpaca yarn from Glaslough in County Monaghan combined with beautiful custom spun kid mohair.  Each group of alpaca warp ‘ends’ or threads was carefully counted out and prepared for dyeing. Liz worked with Impression Sunrise in front of her for inspiration as she mixed her dyes and immersed the thread in the dye pots. Her aim was to capture the essence of this most precious, atmospheric painting.



50% Alpaca and 50% Kid Mohair

Gift Boxed.

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