'Inspired By' Painters of Light - Cool Scarves for Sensitive Skin

Inspired by Painters of Light


These shimmering long  scarves  are ‘Inspired by Painters of Light’  and they are a collection of delicate handwoven cotton scarves for women and men. A handwoven wool scarf is a fairly usual offering, but so many people find that they cannot wear wool next to the skin, particularly as they age. Liz sought to introduce a scarf style of cool scarves for women. This would be a solution for individuals who loved the colour and wanted to purchase, but couldn’t wear the wool. Her task was a scarf design that would be cool and lightweight.


Design Archive Revisited

For inspiration Liz delved into her design archive, and she chose to revisit a delicate textile quality which she had designed many years ago. This new scarf collection began with the creation of scarves based on the translucent quality of William Turners paintings. The word ‘translucent’ really captures the characteristics of what Liz sought to achieve with fine cotton thread.

Turner’s style of painting was a great influence on Claude Monet.  Monet’s painting style developed into ‘Impressionism’. The quality of light and how he could paint it, enthralled him.  Liz has great pleasure as a textile designer, absorbing Monet’s paintings as a source inspiration for her scarves.


Kate Beagan – Monaghan’s Painter of Light

At an exhibition opening, Liz stood transfixed in front of Kate Beagan’s paintings.  The way in which Kate captured the light on the Monaghan landscape really resonated with her.  Ultimately Liz knew then that she would collaborate with Kate. The resulting collection of handwoven scarves, launched in 2020, is extraordinary.  This ‘Painter of Light’ is a true inspiration for Liz. Kate’s paintings encompass Liz’s affections for Monaghan and for Light.

Available online soon….and in the meantime we have four Monet beauties listed.

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