Irish Crios Belt Red-Green


Christy Crios – Irish Handwoven Belt –  Whitethorn Hedges   Back in Stock

This Irish Crios Belt Red-Green is handwoven at Swallow Studios in rich red and green wool.  The pronunciation of ‘Crios’ is ‘Kris’.   ‘Crioseanna’  is the plural.   Traditionally woven from wool of six different colours, the Crios often has a white border.  The men of the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, wore the crios, bound around the waist of their tweed trousers.

In the springtime, the Monaghan landscape is a rolling blanket of Whitethorn Hedges. And in the autumn this rolling blanket is replaced with the rich red of the  Haws on the hedgerows. Drumlin Monaghan inspires this lovely rich Christy Crios.  The autumnal landscape of Ireland comes alive with the rich red hawthorn berries set against the darkening green of the leaves.  This Irish Crios Belt Red-Green is a perfect choice as a hand-fasting braid, especially for Christmas weddings.   It is a great choice also to wear with jeans and a chunky jumper (sweater).



72 inches in length

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