Ramblin Sheep – #MonaghanMissesEwe


Show your loved one overseas that you are thinking of them by sending a hug from the hills with a  #MonaghanMissesEwe  Ramblin Sheep  by Liz Christy.  If you have been following our social media #monaghanmissesewe campaign you will know that we started with a little bit of fun, using Liz’s photos from over 30 years ago to get a flavour of Australia. But the sentiment was very real in that there is nothing like getting something in the post from home when you are far away. And with Covid, well this is all the more important….


Our social media campaign, #monaghanmissesewe will have brought you here where you can order a LizzyC Ramblin Sheep in the white and blue of Monaghan, and send wee cuddle from the drumlin hills to your loved one.

Free Shipping with personalised Irish Woolly Jumper greeting card.