Irish Crios Belt Grey-Lime


Christy Crios – Irish Handwoven Belt



This Irish Crios Belt Grey-Lime is handwoven at Swallow Studios.  The pronunciation of ‘Crios’ is ‘Kris’.   ‘Criosanna’  is the plural.   Traditionally woven from wool of six different colours, the Crios often has a white border.  The men of the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, wore the crios, bound around the waist of their tweed trousers.


Liz weaves the ‘CHRISTY CRIOS’  on a loom which she inherited from a property clear out in County Sligo. The owner of the shed wanted the two shaft floor loom ‘to go to a good home’.  So Liz gladly obliged and used the loom to perfect the design and weaving of ‘the crios’. Liz’s friend and mentor, Kitty Joyce of Cleo Ltd, encouraged her to keep this craft alive. ‘CHRISTY CRIOS’ are handcrafted with beautiful Donegal tweed wool.


Use our Irish Crios Belt Grey-Lime as a colourful a guitar strap. It may also feature in ‘tying the knot’  as in hand-fasting marriage ceremonies.




72 inches in length

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