Stony Grey Clonmany-Blue Scarf


Clonmany Blue Kavanagh Scarf


This is the Kavanagh Stony Grey Clonmany-blue Scarf and it is a Liz Christy timeless design. Inspired by Patrick Kavanagh’s poem ‘Stony Grey Soil’.  These scarves are hand-woven in the heart of Monaghan.  This same stony grey soil surrounds our studio. However, this grey is not dull, and infact Liz sees so much colour when she looks into the grey stones.


Beautiful Clonmany-blue wool, which was spun in Donegal is chosen to weave with the variations of grey cotton to make this real classic.  A scarf that crosses the generations of style.


Handwoven in Ireland, in the heart of the drumlins of Monaghan, this Stony Grey  Clonmany-blue Scarf is a real style maker.


50% Donegal Tweed Wool 50% Fine Cotton.

Hand-wash with care. Hang to dry.

35cm x 200cm

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