The Kavanagh Scarf Collection

 The Kavanagh Scarf Collection

This collection of scarves, the Kavanagh colection, is inspired poet Patrick Kavanagh, who inspite of himself, loved his home county of Monaghan. Scarves in this range are woven using precious Donegal wool and fine cotton. They are earthy and subtle in colour. The designs are available in three sizes with the small and large scarves carried in stock and the oversize wraps made to order. So in Liz’sown words….

 ‘My Kavanagh Musings’

“A poet came to visit our school when I was a young one of about twelve. A Cavan poet, called Tom McIntyre. He spoke. I was enthralled. He was doing a reading in the school that day, probably for the leaving cert students. I drank in his presence…a real living poet….And then….I was aware that he was speaking to me. I quickly focused my eyes and he was telling me that I had “a typical Monaghan face, with a ‘far away from home’ look in my eyes”. I think that the poet saw something in me….maybe a bit of that Monaghan ‘quareness’.

Well this came back to me recently as I thought about Patrick Kavanagh, his poetry and his ‘place’ in Monaghan. I grasp his emotions about Monaghan. And then my thoughts drift to a wonderful evening spent at Annamakerrig….and a performance by the Abbey players of ‘The Great Hunger’, a very special adaptation of Patrick Kavanagh’s poem by none other than Tom McIntyre. We travelled there that evening with Tommy McArdle, one of ‘The Twins’ and another great man of words from Monaghan.  A ‘dance’ followed, with music provided by The Glen Miller Legacy. What a night of swing among the spuds!”

There is a little bit of this story lovingly woven into each of the Kavanagh Scarf Collection by Liz Christy.  Liz considers herself to be very lucky, living and hand-weaving in the heart of the rolling drumlin ‘Kavanagh country’

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