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LizzyC Sheep Brooches.

When you want to add fun and a dash of colour to your style, what better way to achieve this, than to add one of Liz Christy’s quirky LizzyC Sheep Pins.

Did you know that each little sheep brooch is truly unique?

These unique Irish gifts are hand-woven by a cottage industry team that Liz has trained. Each maker has their own style. The irresistible wool used for the sheep pins is hand-dyed by Liz in her studios and every hank is different. Indeed each strand of wool is designed to be distinctive in preparation for weaving these lively, vibrant sheep.

Making your choice

When it comes to choosing a colour, there is at least one sheep for everyone and its always interesting to know what are the influencing factors in making the choice. One LizzyC Sheep fan is an ‘Autumn’ in her colors and a Classic in her style. She bought a teal and turquoise sheep pin for her coat. Then she found herself moving it between coats, so that she would have her favourite pop of colour.  So she bought herself a second teal and turquoise brooch, similar but with its own personality. This lady knows her colours!

So why not browse and find a LizzyC Sheep brooch or two that works with your wardrobe.