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Irish  Scarf Collection

Our Irish scarves collection includes the colourful Monet Bouclé range, Kavanagh scarves for men and women, soft toned Renaissance collection and the delicate shimmering Inspired By Painter of Light scarves.  All our irish made scarves are luxury hand-crafted textiles that are authentically designed and hand-woven Ireland. Their style embodies colour and warmth.  Our Irish made Scarves Collection includes scarves woven with wool, cotton, kid mohair and silk. Luxurious Alpaca will soon be added to the range.

Wearable Art ~ Inspired By Art

Liz hand-dyes the wool for weaving the Monet Bouclé scarves. Her love of Claude Monet’s Impressionist painting is evident in these wonderful colour combinations. Each scarf is unique as every hank of wool is different, by virture of the fact that they are hand-dyed. Even when Liz uses her recipes for her much loved colours, two hanks will never be quite identical .

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The Ethos of Hand-Crafted Slow Fashion

When Liz was setting up her business in the late 1990’s the world was focused on speed. It was all about getting product made as quickly as possible, for as little as possible and replacing it as soon as possible. Liz’s bank manager described her as a fish swimming against the tide of the race to outsource. Before it was a buzz word, Liz ran her business based on the ethos of Quality and Slow Fashion. We continue to follow this path with great responsibility and the sense of sustainability which Liz inspires.

Our Irish made Scarves Collection is the result of Liz’s commitment to designing and making quality textiles in an environmentally friendly way in Ireland. Therefore all the looms in Swallow Studios are manually powered by human  energy. We do not have electric or computerized looms. Liz has trained her team of weavers to make the scarves that she designs.  She values her people and their skills as they put love as well as skill into each piece of Wearable Art.